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The Heart of Mindfulness

May 20, 2024 - Aug 16, 2024

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

This 12-week course focus on exploring the heartful qualities of mindfulness through practices that aim at developing the ability to be grateful, kind, compassionate, joyful, and peaceful. Starting on May 22nd and ending on August 7th, we will meet every Wednesday at 12 pm (Mountain Time) for one hour to go on a transformative learning journey to develop these heart qualities of mindfulness.

Although the word mindfulness in the Western cultures may lead to an association with the mind, mindfulness actually means presence of mind and heart. Essentially, to be mindful means to be heartful. You will learn a different exercise each week to practice it daily until the next meeting, then share and learn from each other's experiences and questions. The learning objective is to cultivate intention and attitude so you can meet your experiences with true mindfulness. This training was designed to create an incremental learning process that helps you develop these qualities of mindfulness in a smooth progression, while applying the exercises into your everyday life.

Creating community for mutual support is important for setting habit and a routine of practice. Thus, you will be encouraged to actively participate in the group. You can opt to join the class either online (through Zoom) or in person (IDRPP room 205), and you will have recordings of the exercise portion of the class every week to practice.

We offer this training on a scale so you can pay according to your conditions. The price options are:

  • Supporter: $360 (pays for the training and contributes to support scholarships)
  • Base: $240 (pays for the training at its full rate) - Use code MIND240 to purchase
  • Reduced: $120 (pays for the training at reduced rate) - Use code MIND120 to purchase
  • Scholarship: $60 (pays for the training at minimum rate) - Use code MIND60 to purchase (preferrably exclusive to USU students and BIPOC)
  • Full scholarship: $0 (receives the trainings completely free) - Please get in contact with the instructor via email ( to apply for this scholarship.